Our Plants


Emergent or aquatics include those species whose seeds germinate in water or in the bottom soil of bodies of water, usually with submersed or floating leaf types. Some of the considerations for selection of emergent or aquatic plants include seasonal depth of water, salinity, filtration characteristics, habitat requirements (saline, brackish, intermediate or fresh) edmedicom.com.


Ferns are very resilient vascular plants that are like lichens and bryophytes in that they need consistent moisture for spore reproduction. There are evergreen and deciduous varieties of these perennials which are common in moist ecologies


A large, valuable family for habitat re-vegetation use and greenroof technology. Soil type, moisture, sun, habitat, site disturbance and human use/purpose influence variety choice. Seed and plugs are available for re-vegetation and greenroof use.

Wild Flowers

This section includes a variety of herbaceous perennials as well as sedums. We carry those most common to coastal and interior BC and a good selection of seed is usually available for other species you may require. Plugs, 10cm pot and some #1 pots are generally stocked.

Spreading Shrubs

This rather artificial category includes groundcover and low woody perennials, usually under 60cm in height. The ecologies and light/soil requirements for the plants in this category vary considerably.


Most habitats have a shrub component. These plants often reflect the specific nature of that habitat – its water, nutrient and light conditions. Native shrubs provide habitat for wildlife, hold soil in place on slopes, prevent erosion and filter out pollution that could contaminate water.

Coniferous Trees

Cone bearing trees have been the climax forest for most of the province. These plants provide the super-structure for many habitats. They stabilize soil, oxygenate the air and moderate the environment for man, plants and animals. We stock the main species in a variety of sizes. Please call to request a quote for B&B material. Our digging season is September to May, weather permitting.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are important to urban areas as well as native habits. Their contribution to soil development, climate modification, habitat and human enjoyment is significant. In addition to our container material, we supply larger sized deciduous trees in bags as well as B&B calliper trees – please call for a quote. Our digging season is September to May, weather permitting.


Ornamental plants are plants that are grown for decorative purposes in gardens and landscape design projects, as houseplants, cut flowers and specimen display. The cultivation of ornamental plants are called floriculture, forms a major branch of horticulture.